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Software Training

Trainings and Talent Development - Software

This Training is a Talent Development Initiative of TechLavender Software & Healthcare Consulting Pvt., Ltd., IT training courses throughout India, North America and Canada. All classes are taught by professionals who are experienced in building your knowledge base through in-depth facilitation combined with intensive hands-on labs.

Whether you attend in person, remotely or via streaming in our LMS, our training philosophy is focused on saving you time and assuring that you are able to work more efficiently and produce higher quality results after training.

Task-Oriented, Cross-Platform Training
Our training emphasis is task-oriented, not product-oriented training. Our instructors have cross-platform knowledge and experience, you'll get the full picture – not just how to use a particular tool, but the issues involved in using multiple tools in today's open environments, including practical design, architecture and coding issues.

Small Class Sizes, Exceptional Curriculum
Class sizes are kept small in order to provide you with more personalized attention, more focused content, and greater access to instructors for problems and questions. We've built our materials and curriculum to reflect the needs of our students as they have communicated them to us.

Skill Development Methodology

Many Training Programs to Select
Our offerings include introductory and advanced courses in Java, .NET, Mobile App Development, SQL, SharePoint, Web Development, UNIX/Linux, C++, Cloud, Big Data, Analytics, Cyber Security and more. Because we focus on professional programming skills, you'll find a greater selection of advanced training than at most other training centers.

Skilled & Experienced Trainers
In addition to being seasoned professional trainers, our instructors have many years of experience as developers, software engineers, analysts, and system administrators etc., has training and industry experience in respective fields. They understand the challenges everyone face in real time job and have first-hand knowledge of the skills you need to succeed.

How Can We Help ?

Cost-Effective training solutions for budding IT professionals and fresh graduates. TechLavender enjoys strategic understanding with its collaborative organizations, this enables us to bring in best of the class training to you. Also, TechLavender assists fresh graduates with live projects experience.

Reach out to us to discuss your training specific needs. We are here to help !!