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Technology Consulting

TechLavender is a IT consulting service market place. To determine the best-fit solution for your IT needs, TechLavender will conduct a thorough assessment of your IT environment, business goals, and challenges. Our consulting team focuses on developing a bespoke solution that best supports your business needs while reducing cost, time and risk in the everyday operations of your systems. Though we are a technology startup, TechLavender has many services to offer in Information Technology, we are just a call away. Call us or write to us.


Faster decision making and high quality output generation, we refine & process your raw and unstructured information to more clarity and user interface visualization using big data. TechLavender's Big data solutions can be a answer.


Use business intelligence solutions to drive better outcomes, our BI services emphasize on building reporting platforms and incorporating self-service capabilities across enterprise. TechLavender can help you define business roadmap.


TechLavender application development & support services help you maintain your business-critical applications and replace legacy applications. We modernize your software, using MS Technologies, Java Technologies or Android.


Cyber business interruption may be the industry's fastest-growing risk. Safe guard your cyber assets & business from a cyber event. We can help analyzing the threats, vulnerabilities of your systems & advice cyber security plan .


Enable scalable and responsive processes for increased efficiencies and ROI, RPA is a technology in which robots replicate the manual work done by humans. TechLavender can implement QA strategy and test your work products.