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Business Intelligence - Analytics

Business Intelligence

TechLavender's business intelligence consulting services will help execution of a client organization’s BI/DW initiative at the various stages of its life cycle, through its low risk, high impact, short cycle, diagnostic and assessment studies. We are well equipped to define client problems, propose alternate solutions and best practices and then recommend an implementation plan. Our expert and collaborative teams work on a well chalked out path to deliver best set of solutions for client's BI issues.

As part of our consulting practice we offer an optimization service which helps in bridging the gaps between the desired and existing state of BI Implementation in an organization. Through this approach we reduce risks and succeed in bringing more predictability to the entire process.

We partner with our clients to create sustainable business value through:


* Increased governance and accountability

* Increased visibility in operations

* Reduced data complexity

* Increased compliance with internal and external regulations and increased decision making

* Flexibility to match the pace of market changes.

Data Analytics

Big Data’s potential to yield key insights from business information is well known. However, it is equally well acknowledged that only a small percentage of this data gets analyzed. For businesses, such as yours, this means missing out on real-time insights from social media, machine logs, sensors, and other data sources in the absence of qualified Big Data analytics experts.

Volume, Velocity, and Variety, the three data challenges plaguing enterprises today. Added to these are data inaccuracies, poor data management systems, inadequate storage capacities, and lack of expertise to integrate and analyze unstructured data. If your enterprise is facing similar problems, TechLavender can help you with your Data and design a best solution for your company.

How Can We Help ?

We guide you through this journey by providing the best Big Data solutions in Hadoop-based platforms, cloud storage systems, and other emerging technologies.

* Our expertise and experience areas are Hive, Sqoop, Pig, and Spark.
* Development using Java, Python, and Scala
* Integration with AWS, NoSQL processing with MongoDB, HBase
* Relational analysis with Redshift, Vertica, Teradata
* Analytics with Spark, R, Python
* Visualization and analysis with Tableau, Datameer, Qlikview.

Reach out to us to discuss your Big Data or BI specific needs. We are here to help !!