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Agile & ISO Consulting

Are you ready for Agile change ?

We are passionate about supporting organizations with their Agile Transition, become more resilient and better prepared for a changing world. Our expert consultants assisted organizations to see smooth transition.  We help organizations learn how to challenge their status quo and deliver value to their clients, by establishing a culture of continuous improvement. We challenge, train and coach individuals, teams and organizations to achieve better results, increase quality and deliver more customer value.

Why do you need coaching ?

Training provides you required knowledge about a specific topic, tools and, in case of Scrum, a common understanding of proven best practices and why agile methodologies work. Coaching builds on that knowledge and enables, accelerates the understanding of Agile Principles through everyday work practices. Executing only the practices without having fully understood the principles behind Agile will hinder and even prevent you from reaching continuous improvement, which is crucial to a long-lasting and sustainable Agile transformation.

How Can We Help ?

We Don't just coach your teams in Agile, Scrum, Kanban or other methodologies, but we also provide:
                Executive Coaching and Training * Specific Role Coaching * Individual Coaching
TechLavender's consultants take great pride in our coaching tradition, which is continuously being adapted to the needs of each company and team.
The Agile change of an organization is strongly tied to your executive's ability to lead and motivate the teams. Our senior coaches have many years of executive experience and strong business backgrounds from which to draw. They will support you during the Agile Transition and you will have handholding during this exercise. All our coaches have real-world experience managing software development teams or projects using Agile and Lean techniques.

Reach out to us to discuss your ISO or Agile coaching needs. We are here to help !!