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About Us

TechLavender is a enthusiastic Startup built by professionals with vast experience in software application development, human capital management & consulting, business analytics, cyber security and healthcare. We help our clients look for the best ways in which to use digital technology to reach sustainable growth in their operational, economic and social performance. As a consulting market place, we welcome you to explore our diverse service offerings in Americas, Europe and India.

Expertise In Consulting

We are blend of passionate technocrats, delivery leads, SMEs, science communicators & human resource professionals, which makes us unique and special in the market.

Consultants at TechLavender work under the strategic leadership & guidance of these pillars, they were associated with some of industry's big names and delivered best in technology projects.

With more than 20 years of experience in software development & consulting, our associates created niche for them selves in successfully delivering high quality technology & consulting assignments for commercial and governmental clients. Everyone has a role & responsibility to play at TechLavender.

With our 50 combined years of recruiting and placement experience, TechLavender is passionate about delivering growth and the new possibilities it creates for our people, customers and business.

Manage operations, resources in a responsible & profitable manner, maintain trust & transparency in our way of working, Deliver high-quality results that grow our & customer's business profitably.

Alone we are Smart, Together we are Strong & Successful. Quality will always be our first priority for business. We always look to generate high quality output & deliver best quality product to our customer.